New beginnings

 For as long as I can remember, I have loved to write and have taken every opportunity to do so. I write anything and everything. I write for competitions, for fun, to purge, to clear my mind, to express my anger and frustration when life threatens to overwhelm me. Writing is a part of who I am.  And I am glad of that fact. I cannot imagine it being any other way.

I write, I read, I write some more based on what I read. I read everything, anywhere, anyhow. It is something I love. That is why I want to start this blog. I need to commit to it and write something regularly and ensure that I am constantly improving my writing skills. One day, soon hopefully, I hope to write a book, and I think this is a great way to start, to hone my skill and get in the practice. Now I have a dilemma.

Fashion has always appealed to me. I find it a most significant method of self-expression. It is so deeply personal and subjective; how could it not be a fundamental aspect of self-expression. I love to choose clothes, to shop, to window-shop, trawl malls and second hand stores and flea markets. My style is very eclectic and chic. I like clothes to look good. I like to design clothes and style people. If a pair of jeans is ripped, let it be a fitted pair of elegantly ripped jeans not oversized hobo-like pants hanging off a person, unless that was the goal. I embrace elegance. I will never be a fashionista. Not the ones you see in the magazines who are lauded for their ingenuity and the fact that they wear cocktail dresses with dirty ripped running shoes. That appeals not to me. Elegance, spunk, edge and wearability. I think that the most important thing is for clothes to fit right. Elegance 101. Buy clothes that flatter your body and make you happy.

I love literature and I love fashion, among many other interests, of which I shall speak at some later point. My problem is that I fail to see how I can reconcile my two loves. I could have chosen a career in fashion, working at Elle magazine or gone to fashion school in New York. But I am studying law instead. I love it, as brutally unforgiving and demanding as it is.   It is something that speaks to me and who I am and I see myself pursuing a career as a lawyer in the future.

 This problem I have, that of reconciling the two things I really am passionate about translated into this blog. I had a blog, with followers and posts, and then I deleted it. I felt that I had lost my voice. It was untidy and cluttered up and I could not salvage it. It was best for us to part ways. And we did, on the most amicable terms.

I have decided that this blog will exclusively feature my writing. And I shall use my Tumblr account for all things de la mode. I am  not yet sure where my photography will fall, but I feel it might end up on this here blog. Check out my Tumblr account at

I am extremely excited to get this project of mine going and thriving. I have finally got out of my own head enough to start something afresh. I always write, edit, revise and delete because I feel it is not good enough. I feel that this post is not good enough, lacks clarity and conciseness and that upsets me. But for the sake of progress, I must begin.

It is the beginning of the long summer vacation and I look forward to filling my blog with tales of my (hopefully) eventful summer, of life, family, love, growth and healthiness.

I want this blog to be filled with beautiful stories of life, love, family, commitment, laughs. The things I love and that matter to me.

If you are reading this, I thank you. That is already more than I could have hoped for. Encourage me, critique me, talk to me. I will be glad to hear from you.




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