Alack, and fie, for shame. Young men will do ’t…

This is the beginning of a rant. I am in a particularly irritable mood today, and have not uttered many words today so  a post is in order. To purge, as it were. Twitter can really work my last nerve and I occasionally have to take a break from the sheer narcissism, blatant self-promotion, misogyny, patriaarchy, racism and general ignorance and hatred displayed so freely on it from time to time. Tonight is one of those nights.

The lesser-known Kardashian, Robert, budding sock mogul, took to Twitter to express his scarcely-concealed anger issues. He let loose with a string of twitterings aimed at a girl he supposedly dated. Supposedly because he says so but no one actually knew this. It turned out that, according to him, she had cheated on him with over twenty men in the time that they were together. Let me just show you the tweets.


The problem with the internet, and especially Twitter, is that the minute you put something up, even if you are a pseudo-celebrity like this Sock Mogul Kardashian, someone is waiting behind their monitor to capture your words, to retweet and favourite your sayings. So even if you should delete them immediately, chances are everything you have said, literally can and WILL be used against you. Case in point.Twitter is a trap and can be a dangerous tool in the hands of an idiot. Just ask some disgraced politician or trigger-happy journalist or idiotic bigoted model who has lost employment over  comments made carelessly on The Twitter, as my ConLaw lecturer calls it. Or better yet ask Kim Kardashian’s little brother Whatshisname.

Anyway, on to the next point. Rob put up these tweets and the Twitterverse went wild! The internet decided that the girl was upcoming sinner Rita Ora. Sorry, singer. #RitaWhora was trending within the hour, as was #RitaOral. Awful. These were two of the more forgiving names. Rita was labelled a whore and attacked from all quarters for behaving in such a “disgusting manner.” Disgusting? Strong language. Would a man have been the recipient of such hateful vitriol? I doubt it.

I was irritated that this would actually pass for news. But that is not the main issue I take with this matter. The problem is multi-faceted. In his tweets, SockMogul never actually named Rita as the woman who cheated. People simply conjectured and pieced together the proof they needed to decide that Rita was the woman in question. Perhaps he was referring to someone else. That is the problem with this action, which is termed “subtweeting.” It is when one makes a general statement aimed at someone specific without actually naming the person in question. The problem with subtweetery is that it means that anyone to whom the statement applies could take issue with it and conclude that it is directed at them, when it is not. All this simply because someone is too much of a coward to name names. If you cannot be open about who you have problems with, you have no business exposing those problems. Shut up and sit down little boy.

Rob compromised this girl’s reputation and image and she never even had a chance to defend herself before people concluded that she was an immoral slut and whore. Rob was careless with someone else’s life. If he had issues with her, he ought to have manned up, picked up his cellphone and called her and attacked her privately. Like a man, not an angry pubescent girl high on the fumes of Taylor Swift’s new “song.”

They had their affair privately and yet, when the relationship went south, he ran to the church of public opinion to gain sympathy. Nonsense. What was his intention in exposing such details? There is pure malice in such actions.Is the public supposed to sympathise with him, join in castigating this unnamed woman or hold his hand while he weeps about being a pansy? What reaction was he looking for!? I want to know his intentions.

Rita Ora is a new artist. She is, as Rob himself unequivocally admitted, working on establishing herself as an  artist. Her new single, Party and Bull is currently top of the dance charts and the world is starting to sit up and take notice of her as a real artist and not simply some clone who “is wearing Rihanna’s old clothes from last year.” She strikes me as a young woman, working hard to make herself known, fun and not overly concerned with public perception. She is a twenty-something year old girl!

Rob Kardashian is famous for being a Kardashian. Which really means that he is a privileged brat who has done nothing to earn his fame. The Kardashian’s have no discernible talent. They are the definition of the phrase “famous for being famous.” He is working on a line of designer socks. Yes. You heard me correctly. Socks. That is what he is passionate about. Not to take anything away from Rob. If that is his passion, he must focus on it. We all need socks.

Compare the two. We have a young woman working hard to advance her dream. She has no pretentious gold-plated rhinestone-encrusted spoon in her mouth. Rob does. Does Rob know how hard it is to break into the music industry? How can he? He has never had to work in his life. The world will buy his socks because he is a Kardashian. As much as we dislike their pretentious and vulgar ways with money, society is obsessed with this phenomenon of the Kardashians.

The world is only starting to get to know Rita. Her image is key. Image is much more important to celebrities who actually have to work for a living. Look how carefully Taylor Swift and Beyonce work to protect their good-girl images, Kanye and Eminem work to preserve the bad-boy image, in the same way that Rihanna must constantly convince us she is a badass and Lady Gaga a lovable weirdo. Image sells. Just ask Alicia Keys how many fans she lost when she went from lovable girl-next-door super-woman to “slutty husband-snatcher homewrecker.” Her answer will probably show you how conservative a world we honestly live in.

By attacking this young woman so viciously and so publicly, Rob has compromised her image without even giving her a chance to redeem herself. I can only imagine that she was blind sided and wisely chose to not respond to the negativity. Twitter is a trap.  Now no one is saying that a girl who sings about partying and bull is a paragon of virtue, but it certainly does not mean that she intended to expose herself and build a reputation as a slutty woman. Partying does not mean one is a slut. Rob has projected this negative image of her without her consent. And to that I take offence. What right does he have to dictate her image?

Rita, if she is indeed the woman in question, and if she indeed did sleep with that many men, has a right to her body and to enjoy it as she wishes. For too long women have been told how to treat their bodies, who to give them to, how, when and why. A slut is simply a woman with the morals of a man. No one would have blinked had the facts been reversed.

What exactly was the SockMogul looking for by unleashing that little gem into the public sphere? Sympathy? Has he never used Twitter? It is a cruel and unforgiving place, dark and ugly at times. The whole thing has simply made him a laughing stock. Well, it’s Rob Kardashian. So even MORE of a laughing stock. Why would a self-respecting person stay with a serial cheater, if indeed these allegations are true. The whole fiasco makes him look like a pansy, a weakling, and well, pathetic. I have no sympathy for him. He needs to respect himself enough to know his worth and set the standard of how people will treat him. If you allow people to treat you like trash, they will do so, and simply because you have shown them that they have your permission to do so. He needs to do better for himself and give himself a chance to be respected and loved. People give us the love we feel we deserve. Yes she cheated. But it happens all the time. Why must an uproar result simply because it was Rob who was the victim?

Finally, the sheer ridiculousness of Rob wanting to act as the morality police must be stated. He asks how a woman can have the time to be having sex when she is trying to establish a career. No one needs a reminder that his sister’s career is the direct result of a sex tape. She literally slept her way to fame! And has not done too badly for herself and her entire family in the process. Sure the Duchess of Cambridge will not accept her clothes, but she is living comfortably and chilling with the King and Queen of Hip Hop. So for Rob to call out a woman for her sexual choices is laughable. The Kardashians have no leg to stand on when it comes to morality. Such behaviour might strike me and you and no doubt Rob, as unacceptable, slutty and unGodly, but it is not for us to regulate how someone else lives their life and where they spend their nights and with whom. MY religious and moral convictions are mine. I will not castigate another for her views. Who am I?

What stops a woman from exercising her freedom of sexual association simply because she is working on building a career? That makes no sense to me. But what do I know. I understand that energy could be directed elsewhere but it is not for Rob to dictate that. He is not sleeping around and yet he is STILL not really proving to be a success now is he? He is acting like a little boy. He needs to grow up and respect himself and go work on his socks. I remember I used to think like Rob. When I was 17 and young. A few years later, and I feel that personal and religious and moral convictions aside, sex is an adult matter and needs to be treated in an adult manner. It is so deeply personal that I have no right to pronounce on the sexual choices of someone else. What I choose to NOT do with MY body is just as valid as what someone else chooses TO do. Simple. I actually feel proud of myself for this emotional growth. Robert needs to sit down and have a long hard chat with himself and his moral convictions and their place in the lives of others. Shame on him. Fie.

Women lie,men lie; women cheat, men cheat. We need to accept that and move on from it. We are all human, we all make mistakes and have failings. Why is it more offensive for women to cheat and be promiscuous? I do not understand why it is acceptable to be slut-shaming. She did n ot “give up her body.” As far as I know, it still exists. Women have put up with enough. Men are held to a lower standard than women and that is unacceptable. It is 2012 for goodness’ sake! Women are some of the most oppressed people on earth. There is no need to add to this substantial burden over something as relative as morality. People need to allow women to do what and who they want with their bodies dammit.

The-new-age-woman-is-here-to-stayOkay. Rant over. Bye. Skips away.


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