I absolutely love this song. There is something so appealing and plaintive and honest about it. Yes, it could easily end up being misconstrued as crazy talk and an unnecessarily blunt confession which would drive any man away. But I still love it. It makes me all broody and warm inside! I want to settle down and have a child! As foolish as it might be, I love the name Nebraska Jones but I highly doubt that I could get away with naming my child with such ridiculous names, certainly not in Africa! Maybe if I have moved to London by then and have married a hearty German! Otherwise, just, no. I am sure some celebrity will snatch the name up though, so no worries.

Kimbra has such a cool vibe. There is nothing blatantly sexualised about her image. Makes for a nice change. Her image is odd and offbeat and makes me think of the cooler older sister of Jess from New Girl; one who does not even have to try and be quirky because she truly is! There is no need to be distracted by anything else; her voice is enough. Husky and melodious, with a certain sardonic tone to it. She sings but one is reluctant to fully assert her sincerity. It is the most exciting thing to listen to. The beat is catchy and upbeat, the lyrics quirky. I love everything about it! Quirky is the new sexy and Kimbra embodies it! Her dark hair frames her face beautifully, and she has a goth-type vibe going on. Her outfits are cute and I just love her entire image.

Boom-ba-boom–pah, handclap, I wanna settle doooowwn…

I am in love with this song. Kimbra harks after the dream fed to little girls: marriage, a baby, dinners. The video is conceptually clever and cute. Nothing wrong with this song at all! Perhaps it is not the feminist’s dream, but it is irresistible. It is something my French teacher would call bubblegum for the ears. I occupies your ears and keeps your foot tapping. No complaints here.

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