Black man; you beauty.

I look at your smooth dark skin and I smile.  How can I not?

Rich like the dark soil your powerful shoulders plough daily.

Sweat glistens and runs off your chiselled bod

Black beauty
Black beautyy.

The earth trembles.The trees bend.

They salute.



Inimitable swagger as you move; majestic, strong and devastatingly powerful.

Majestic beauty personified.

The flash of pearly white teeth in a strong jaw;

Jaw not wide enough to contain the generous smile and delicious sounds that bubble forth and fill my ears.

With joy. With music. With love.

And fundamental musings late at night.

King of ancient kings.


The kindness in your heart. The understanding, forgiving nature of your person.

The raw and tender caress of your calloused hands on my soft yielding skin.

The feel of your wide mouth on my eager and hungry one,

Potently overwhelming; intoxicating!

Desire washes over me. Urgent and relentless.

Fear that I will never be enough grips my spirit. Your gentle reassurances calm me. Peace within.

Strength inherent.


Black man, you have had troubles and oh so many.

Yet you rise, powerful. Strong. Majestic.

Time after time, after time.

Black man. You majestic beauty.


Matilda Nengare



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