Hello old friend. 

I love that opening line. It is so profound and simple and perfect. It conveys a new beginning of something already embarked on. I have neglected this spade. I say this every few months, post sporadically and retreat into law school. This year I have written more than before, but it was more academic and thus did not make its way onto this space. It has been an incredibly rough academic year, more challenging than anything I have ever had to do. I doubted myself, cried, participated in aggressive acts of self-love and preservation. Results will be out in a few weeks and regardless of how it all turns out I am proud of myself for making it through without having a full-blown mental breakdown. My goal for summer break is to write more than I have done the entire year. Not everything will make its way onto the blog, but the fact that it is written will be more than enough. I will try share as much as I can. I have lots of stories to start, a lot of unfinished ones floating on my laptop, phone, tablet and most importantly and urgently, in my mind. The goal is to finish 2013 strong. ☺️


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