until further notice.



About two months ago, I was admitted as an attorney of the High Court. It marked the end of a five year journey to the bar, and the beginning of what I hope will be an exciting stage in my life and career.

As with most things legal, the ceremony was fairly dull and uninspiring. There was a judge, a court room, a bunch of impatient attorneys waiting for their cases to be heard, family members and about ten nervous almost-lawyers. There was some very polite applause once all of us had been sworn and duly registered. No ululations, no dancing, no popping of champagne. Cold and clinical. My voice trembled a bit. Then it was over and we went to lunch then back to work.  Painless and almost a footnote. I was underwhelmed given how long it had taken me to fulfill my career goal and to get to this point.

So obviously I decided to throw a little party. A soiree with my closest friends. It was a chance to just dress up, drink and be happy and sparkle. At this point I hadn’t seen my friends in a few weeks, months and years in some cases, so I made sure that I chose a date where everyone, or as many of the,  would be home for the holidays.

We had pasta, cocktails and cake and  more drinks; we took pictures; went dancing afterwards , drank champagne and had a lovely evening. Whenever I am feeling particularly low, I just look at the pictures and enjoy the night all over again. I decided to share a few with you here. I am the type of person who is very hard on herself and does not ever really take time out to celebrate; I am already on to the next stage of the paper chase. This was a chance to slow down and relax and acknowledge how far I have come. It does not mean that I have done it all. It takes nothing away from your goals when you stop breathe and dance.

Until further notice, celebrate everything…

Thanks for reading.




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