Sunshine Stalk

Anyone who even vaguely knows me will know that I love flowers. I might love flowers more than food, which is saying something! There is just something so wonderful about a fresh bunch of beautiful flowers. I find so much joy, love, happiness and hope in a bunch of flowers. The bigger the better.

Roses are great. Structurally, they might be one of the most superior creations we are blessed with. The delicate bud tight and concealed that, at the right time and in the right conditions, bursts forth into a beautiful circle of beauty; something poetic there.The way that the petals grow outwards from the core, pushing against each other but in the process creating something collectively great; that’s grand! In full bloom? Unmatched in beauty.

I know this is terribly grinch-like but I am most certainly not a great fan of the red rose. Chalk it down to too many failed Valentine’s Day plans. Of course I would not turn up my nose ever at a beautiful bunch or even a single stem left outside my door (wink, wink secret admiter), but I do prefer my roses in different colours. There is something a little more magical, a little more convincing and special about a non-red rose. One of my forever favourites is the yellow rose.

Yellow roses are symbolic of some of my favourite things. Friendship; loyalty; well-wishes; warmth; love; optimism. They are associated with “life-giving warmth.” Yellow roses never fail to make me smile. Life is hard. Sometimes you just need something beautiful in life to remind that it is still after all worth living. Yellow roses are it for me.  You are essentially getting sunshine on a stalk! What more could one want?

The purpose of this post was simply to celebrate the yellow rose. I got a beautiful bunch of yellow roses last week and it made my entire week better. Anytime I felt low I would just look at them and never fail to smile. Mostly because of what they represent. Long live friendship, love, loyalty, warmth, the sun, optimism and all the beautiful things in life.





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