You should be listening to…

So each week, and whenever I come across a gem, I will be posting music that I think you might enjoy listening to as well. Enjoy! 

My song for this week is Young, Dumb and Broke by Khalid, a millennial anthem. Why?

Who can’t relate to being young, dumb and broke? 

Khalid is a fresh-faced eighteen RnB singer who often manages to sound years older than he actually is. He has the most soothing, gravely voice overflowing with warmth, softness and sincerity that will catch you off-guard. Some of his songs can be almost hauntingly beautiful. How is this an eighteen year old? He sounds like a hundred Sunday afternoons.

The first song I heard from Khalid was “Location.” It’s delicate but upbeat, effortlessly infusing beats and melodies. It’s full; smooth, sensual, soulful. You can imagine a man telling you to cut out the games, send your location so he can romance you and be grown about it! It’s lovely. It’s youth and romance and hope and freedom.

Khalid’s full album is fittingly called American Teen, and is a collection of youth anthems full of hopeful lyrics over some heavy bass. It’s about love, youth and loneliness, longing, adventures and friendship in the summer. It has a very distinctively RnB feel of yesteryear without losing that millennial spirit. It’s heartfelt, elegant and pretty impressive all round. Not a bad effort from the new kid on the block. Definitely one worth paying attention to.


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