Easy Like Sunday Afternoon

Any day is always a good day for ice-cream in my world. Sunday afternoon, however, is a particularly good day for ice-cream. There is something magical about Sunday afternoon; the sun shines brighter, the air is softer; time moves a little slower. It’s perfect for trying out delicious new combinations.

Armed with a friend, I made my way to Gelato Crema, at Riverside Mall in Avondale; there is another branch in Borrowdale.  Gelato Crema is a fairly new space specialising in ice cream, fro-yo and baked goods; something which really has a market in Harare, especially among those with children; it’s an easy appeasement spot at a decent cost.

The space itself is positively quaint, with delicious colours stimulating your senses as you walk in, making you feel right at home. A sensory delight of baby pink, mint green, stripped awnings, light and sparkles. It’s almost like something out of a kid’s book. I love it.


The space is fun and pretty; the ice cream is good. The staff is very helpful and obliging; they let you have tiny tastes of the treats before you make your choice. Anyone who knows me knows that I am big on getting value for my money and being treated well where I spend my money. Life is too short to be spending your money where you are treated badly. Consumer care is pretty low in these parts, so I always note and appreciate a special effort. We really enjoyed our ice-cream date and I will definitely be going back to treat myself once in a while, especially for that positively orgasmic chocolate brownie!



While there is space to sit down, I wouldn’t recommend it because the shop is tiny. There are two tables but you are better off grabbing and going to enjoy your goodies outside in the warm sun. Just how ice-cream should be enjoyed. My friend had the Baobab and sugar-free Vanilla, while I opted for a double scoop of refreshing Peach and the brownie. Did I mention how good the brownie was?



“You can’t buy happiness but you can buy ice-cream! It’s kind of the same thing,” the chalkboard proclaims.

Look, i’m not arguing.


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