Ngoma Kurira

Early this year, my friends and I resolved that we would make  a a concerted effort to try new things. Specifically, we wanted to get out of the city more and see the rest of the country. What no one will tell you is that Harare is a very small city, with a limited amount of things to do, which can very quickly become not only boring, but pricey. Now don’t get me wrong, there are a few fun places  to hang out but it does get tedious finding yourself at the same three places every other weekend.

Fortunately, Zimbabwe is one of the most beautiful countries around, with breathtaking views and generous weather.  (This is not an ad I promise😉 ). There are some hidden gems that can buoy your weekend experiences at a pretty limited cost. You just have to be willing to try new things and have some hardy form of transportation (the roads can get a little dicey, I admit). Grab a hat, sunscreen, glasses, cooler box and a picnic basket, and you are all set for a fun day out.

Tired from the hike, we fell asleep on the warm rocks.

About an hour drive from central Harare,(due to the road works; probably 30 to 40 minutes on a good day) is a great spot for a day out of the city.

Roadworks slowed traffic a little.


Ngoma Kurira is located in the Domboshawa area.  The name loosely translates to “Beating of the Drums.” It is fantastic for a weekend hike with friends. A lovely steep climb to the top that will leave you sweaty and a little breathless true, but not overexerted. The views are gorgeous and what really strikes you is the  overwhelming quiet and calm.



You pay about 4 dollars for entry as a local and 10 dollars if you’re a foreigner. The mountain does have cultural and spiritual significance so visitors are urged to be respectful while hiking, to pick up their trash and most importantly, to not  remove any artefacts found. You never know what you may take home!


There are baboons on the mountain; some locals we met on the mountain explained. We were a little apprehensive when we heard them barking far off but they didn’t come near us. We initially thought someone was screaming loudly in the distance and that was a little less terrifying thought than that of a troop of angry baboons trying to scare us! You might also see some locals praying on the mountain. It’s very peaceful and quiet otherwise. There are also a number fresh water pools for a quick swim if you fancy. Particularly useful for a hot summer day.


An afternoon out in the mountains is definitely a fantastic alternative to a day in the city limits. A great and cheap alternative way to spend the afternoon.  Load up the 4×4 and enjoy your weekend!



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