Daily Affirmation 18.01.18

Do the things that set your heart on fire,

That remind you that you are alive,

That you are blessed beyond belief,

That you are smart, capable and worthy.

You are here in this moment; you own this moment.

You are worthy. You are deserving.

Just a little each day.

Mazizini, Zanzibar



You should be listening to…

So each week, and whenever I come across a gem, I will be posting music that I think you might enjoy listening to as well. Enjoy! 

My song for this week is Young, Dumb and Broke by Khalid, a millennial anthem. Why?

Who can’t relate to being young, dumb and broke? 

Khalid is a fresh-faced eighteen RnB singer who often manages to sound years older than he actually is. He has the most soothing, gravely voice overflowing with warmth, softness and sincerity that will catch you off-guard. Some of his songs can be almost hauntingly beautiful. How is this an eighteen year old? He sounds like a hundred Sunday afternoons.

The first song I heard from Khalid was “Location.” It’s delicate but upbeat, effortlessly infusing beats and melodies. It’s full; smooth, sensual, soulful. You can imagine a man telling you to cut out the games, send your location so he can romance you and be grown about it! It’s lovely. It’s youth and romance and hope and freedom.

Khalid’s full album is fittingly called American Teen, and is a collection of youth anthems full of hopeful lyrics over some heavy bass. It’s about love, youth and loneliness, longing, adventures and friendship in the summer. It has a very distinctively RnB feel of yesteryear without losing that millennial spirit. It’s heartfelt, elegant and pretty impressive all round. Not a bad effort from the new kid on the block. Definitely one worth paying attention to.

“Happiness is the consequence of personal effort. You fight for it, strive for it, insist upon it, and sometimes even travel around the world looking for it. You have to participate relentlessly in the manifestations of your own blessings. And once you have achieved a state of happiness, you must never become lax about maintaining it. You must make a mighty effort to keep swimming upward into that happiness forever, to stay afloat on top of it.”

Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love



Juxtaposition: Co-existence in the time of all or nothing.

[A reflection prompted by a corrugated roof; a wild body of flowers and plants.]

The first floor of my gym overlooks a golf course. It provides a view of the upper middle-class dream. The brand new executive cars that are always gleaming in the car park next to the club house. I mean, always gleaming. Rain, sun, wind; you name it, these cars are always glistening and spotless. It’s a phenomenon I have to look into. But that’s for another day.  The members-only clubhouse. The very fit-conscious executives and their business partners- there is no one more self-conscious than the early middle-aged executive; no beer bellies here- trim and supreme. The caddies on the green. The expensive-looking clubs. The golf carts. Aspirational.

What really catches my eye however, is another view. It never fails to make me pause and reflect. I see it almost every day, but it makes me smile, stop and think a little about the beauty of life and nature, and to feel really grateful to be alive at that moment.

A rusted corrugated red roof of the outhouse garages where the little golf carts come home to rest after a long day of leisure. Peeling, long-exposed to the elements and corroding.

A sprouting of purple flowers on a leafy green bush. I have no idea what they are; I just know that I like them. Wild and overrun, uncut and droopy. 


Usually by the time I make it to gym, the sun is setting. Golden delicious. With the advent of December, the rainy season has started in earnest. Often there will be a raging storm, a little hail sometimes or simply angry moody grey fluff gathering menacingly in the distance and making me impatient to work out and head home before I get caught in the mania of rain traffic in Harare.

Whichever it is, cooling rain after a heat-wave or the delicious golden shimmer of an impending dusk, I am always in awe of the beauty surrounding me. Perhaps I am altogether too romantic for my own good, but it is something I have made my own and make no apologies for; there are very few things as stunning as nature which we get for free in this world.


What makes this particular view special to me is the juxtaposition of man-made with nature’s design. Incredibly hard and unbelievably soft. As different as possible but making the most delicate and calming picture.

Our world is currently in a time of great polarization, divisiveness, intolerance and hatred; it is ugly and disconcerting. There is an obsession with having things done one way or not at all. One is either with us or they are against us, even if they have not said this much. There is no compromise or engagement. That is unsustainable. Even our environment shows us that the only way to move forward is by encouraging compromise and co-existence; allowing diversity to flourish. It is possible to accommodate everyone and everything; it just requires a little effort, understanding and a lot of empathy.

How many times do we angrily reject something or someone whom we feel is a threat to our comfortable existence? We fail to acknowledge their challenges, are dismissive and speak over them, silencing them and cowing them before our own views which we believe, for whatever reason, to be superior.

Ultimately, the most gorgeous picture is not created by only having one version of something. There has to be nuance and difference for anything interesting to result. The only reason this particular view makes me stop and think is the way that the rusty lazy red of the roof blends with the striking purple, the leafy black trees in the background as dusk approaches, and the yellow and green of the grassy knoll. I would not take a second look at a green field. As it is, I am writing almost a thousand words inspired by a little piece of land simply because of the richness it embraces.

In the same way, we need to learn to co-exist, to respect the differences which we have and to actually using them to enhance our relationships, realities and experiences. That is what makes this journey worth anything at all; the ability to see others for their realities and capabilities and respecting what makes them, them. Diversity and individualism are not dirty words. There cannot only be one truth and one point of view; what a sad and bland existence.

 The freedom to live one’s truth unharmed by others, causing no harm to others; that is the true measure of tolerance and humanity.

On being a writer

“On plenty of days the writer can write three or four pages, and on plenty of other days he concludes he must throw them away.”

This is the problem which fundamentally hinders my writing progress. It is absolutely necessary. I realise that now. I will continue to read and write and start afresh.


“If you want to get rich from writing, write the sort of thing that’s read by persons who move their lips when they’re reading to themselves.” ~Don Marquis